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Who the hell am I?

Well I’ll try to be as vague and precise as possible. I don’t want to put to much private info on the web 🙂 Not that I am paranoid but it never hurts to be on the safe side.


I am a 30+ year old male from the Netherlands. I am married and have kids. I work in the tech industry as an engineer/specialist. Next to games I also play some guitar.



Gamer profile:

I play mostly with others, real-life friends, online friend or random online people. So mostly competitive games. In games I tend to play whatever the team needs, in MOBA’s often pick support. My absolute favorite game setting is a good old LAN party. Playing with friends, couple of beers and laughing with them (the friends I mean, not the beers).


Games I actively play:

  • Heroes of the Storm – Also love this game! The community is really good, shorter games (more flexible, which is great with the kids and all) and very fun to play!
  • Stellaris – I play this with alone or with friends now and then. Great game for in between as well since I can pause it 🙂
  • Civilization (V and VI) – I play Civ V with Giant Mutiplayer Robot (hotseat) online with friends, with GMR you play around 1 turn a day.


Games I used to play a lot (I know, I know, some are ancient…):

  • Medal of Honor Allied Assault – This got me hooked to gaming, I played clan wars and stuff.
  • Call of Duty – From CoD 1, CoD UO up to CoD BO 2 even.
  • World of Warcraft – From the very beginning, then a long break then played a short while during Cataclysm
  • Command & Conquer Red Alert –  1,2 and 3. I played 2 and 3 online a lot with a friend.
  • League of Legends – Got me hooked on MOBA’s. I love this game! However Heroes of the Storm is now my main focus.
  • World of Tanks – I play(ed) this with a friend, fun game and free. Although I cannot seem to keep my attention on it for long.


There are tons of other games I have played or play on occasion.

I also have a Xbox 360 which I don’t use much, except to play FIFA 14 with friends. Which the console is great for, a couple of friends, 4 controllers and a few beers.


Website goal

As mentioned on my page Whats this site all about?… I don’t know exactly where this website is going. But I would like to have a place to talk about games and possibly meet fellow gamers with the same interests. This might sound a bit wacky, but it would be nice to find people with the same life style, interests and game preferences. So basically some “filthy casuals”.


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