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What’s this site all about?….

To be honest… I don’t know why I made this site. Well I have multiple idea’s which include games I like. You can say that I like to reach out to the world, share my views on games, discuss games and get in touch with fellow gamers like me.


“Is this site a blog?” … no off course not!… well kinda… for now. I hope with support it will change in to something more then that.


I feel like I am not a hardcore gamer… more of a casual…

My wife, friends and family would say otherwise. However I have a full-time job, wife and kids and even though I love games I only spend a few hours a day playing games, if I get time to play games at all. Spoken like a true addict “I only spend a few hours a day”, which is still pretty much. That’s because I love to play and will never stop. The time I actually play has gotten less and it doesn’t bother me that much. Once in a while I meet up with some gamer friends and I realize how awesome games are.


I mainly love playing games with people, I like the social interaction (and no I don’t mean the Salty or Toxic players). There is some negative vibe around gaming in general. I would like to break that stigma. Gaming unites people, offers valuable past time and is on the brink of being bigger then any physical sport out there (if it isn’t already).


I actively play Stellaris, Heroes of the Storm, Civilization (V and VI). I used to play League of Legends (LoL) however I cannot to be fixed to my computer 40+ minutes. Heroes of the Storm gives me some more flexibility, but my MOBA heart was stolen by LoL. It was also poisoned by LoL due to the huge amount of Salt…, but I still believe that in general the community is good and just want to have good time.


So lets get this started and find some people who just want to have fun with games. Playing, talking about or watching games.


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