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HotS – Zul’jin joins the fight and new Armor System

Posted on January 6, 2017  in General, Heroes of the Storm


So with patch 22.5 Blizzard improves Heroes of the Storm once again. This time by adding a new ranged assassin to the pile of heroes. This is the first Troll in Heroes of the Storm. Zul’jin brings something new to the game with his heroic ability “Taz’dingo”, which makes him Unkillable for a couple of seconds. This means that his HP cannot go below 1 HP. To relate it to league of legends this is similar to Tryndamere’s ability “Undying Rage”. I have played a few games against and with Zul’jin (which isn’t very difficult since each game you play now has a Zul’jun on both sides, just like every new hero). He can regenerate, trows axes and does more damage when he is missing health. I have to say his play style seems fun and his heroics are fun. For now he seems to bring a nice change to the game.


Armor System

Next to that Blizzard implemented an Armor system, which they say it increases the depth of strategy both in-game as in draft. From what I understand is that 1 Armor will prevent 1% of damage. Three heroes now have armor stats in patch 22.5: Arthas, Anubárak and Greymane (Worgen Form). There seem to be different kind of Armor types: Physical Armor, Spell Armor and Armor. Assuming that its straight forward, Spell Armor would prevent Spell damage, Physical Armor prevents Physical damage and Armor just prevents both.

  • Arthas has 15 Physical armor
  • Anub’arak has 25 Spell Armor
  • Greymane has 10 Armor (Worgen form)


I like the concept and hopefully improves the current talent system. There are already talents and abilities in-place which do the similar, but this bring them all under in one system.


During draft I can especially imagine this is going to change the game big time. For example, if you know that the other team has Li Ming, Jaina or Chromie for example then Anub’arak will be a good choice to counter them. Each hero will probably get their own Armor specialty and you can likely pick specific Armor improvements with your talents as the game goes on.


This seems like a good change and I wonder what Blizzard has in store for us the next upcoming patches.

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