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Stellaris – A good example of how space 4X games should be!

Posted on January 5, 2017  in Stellaris

A while back I got excited about the Stellaris which was a new game from Paradox Games. I used to play Master of Orion 2 and Star Trek Birth of the Federation… I loved those, especially with friends this game was awesome. Stellaris a game which feels like MoO2 is just what the world needed. Even though it is not a turn based game as what we where used to with MoO2 the RTS kind of play feels good. The recently release Master of Orion remake (which I still need to try, waiting for a good Steam sale :)) made me less enthusiastic then the release of Stellaris.


I have to say that Stellaris was not really finished in the beginning but with the recent patches and new DLC’s has gotten even better. You can really feel that they are still working on the game and improving it.