Last weekend I had the pleasure of playing my first game of Legends of Andor the board game. This is one of the few games I have played which is completely co-op. Although we didn’t win I loved the game!


The main reason I loved the game is that you really had to work together to make sure you win. And it might get easier if you play more but the pressure was on and each decision had to be made carefully. We where with 4 persons so basically each character had to be played. There are 4 different characters with each his own stats and special ability. I won’t explain each character in detail but basically each character has a different amount of dice they may role in a fight. Next to that each character has a special ability which are very diverse. You can also buy items to give you special options for movement or during a fight.


I know this isn’t a very long description and may not contain much details. But if you love a board game with a story (like rpg) and like co-op games I would recommend to check this game out!


Game on!